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Chertsey and Egham Hypnotherapy Centre Christine Key, registered and accredited hypnotherapist.  For emotional and psychological problems: fears and phobias, stress, depression, eating disorders, relationships, bereavement, weight control, smoking, professional performance, sports performance, anxiety, migraines, obsessive behaviour. Chertsey and Egham, Surrey .

The Lodge Hypnotherapy Centre Cliff and Jan Cowin, stop smoking specialists. Five minutes from Lakeside Shopping Centre & M25 J30 Thurrock, Essex

Sally Hall Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling. Experienced therapist in all areas, including trauma resolution, smoking and hypnosis for childbirth. Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

Inner Depths Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, self-help workshops & Reiki healing in the Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire areas, with fully qualified female therapists Toni Mackenzie and Rosemary Hartley. Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, self-help workshops & Reiki healing in the Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire areas, with fully qualified female therapists Toni Mackenzie and Rosemary Hartley.

June Taylor  Hypnotherapist / hypnoanalyst, operating from her consulting rooms in Church Stowe, nr Towcester, and Hardingstone, Northampton . Telephone for a free initial consultation to discuss, in confidence, your problems. 01327 341140.

Imogen Ellis-Jones  www.healthandhypnosis.co.uk  Specialising in relationship/bereavement issues, weight loss, eating disorders, panic attacks/phobias, stress/anxiety, smoking/alcohol cessation.  I am particularly interested in the link between the mind and the immune system, being convinced that if one part of the body is unsettled it will have a knock-on effect on another.  Therefore the techniques used in my approach benefit the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of the client.

Release Hypnotherapy Farnham, Surrey . Garry Coles GQHP Dip Adv. Hyp Dip Hyp Dip PLT GHR Reg

Kirsten Dahlerup DCH, Hyp.Psych. NLP Master Professional. Hypnotherapy in Danish and English in both London SW1 and in Denmark .

London : www.hypnotherapy-nlp.co.uk Denmark : www.hypnose-nlp.dk

Marcia Tillman Hypnotherapist, NLP master Practitioner, TFT Practitioner.  Marcia works from clinics based in Kent UK and also offers house visits.  She helps adults and children with a variety of issues including stop smoking, slimming, anxiety and stress.  Marcia specialises in working with anxiety including phobias and long term anxiety and with using Hypnotherapy for pregnancy issues including fertility problems, morning sickness and hypnobirthing.  Call Marcia on 08456 038 052.

Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching in the Dublin Area  Specialising in inspiring change & removing barriers so individuals & organisations can achieve their goals. A unique combination of motivational psychology, life / business coaching, NLP & hypnosis allows this to happen in the easiest, most effective & most enjoyable way possible. Ian Molloy BSc., HDip 087 7411696  

Anxiety & Sleep Awareness

Studies have shown upwards 40 million adults suffer from anxiety which has devastating effects on sleep health and hygiene, my team at Tuck created an informative guide to help combat this issue. Our guide covers everything from in depth information about the six major types of anxiety, how they affect sleep and expert advice as to how to address anxiety.


Link to Scientific American Article on Hypnosis (Truth & Hype)
Link to Channel 4 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Article  
Link to New Scientist - Effect of negative emotions on Immune System 
Link to The Hypnotherapy Society
Link to Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy
Link to the National Council of Psychotherapists
Link to Terence Watts' Website - Hypnosense.
Link to New Scientist Hypnosis and Smoking Article.
Link to Scotsman Article- Sleazy World of Tobacco Advertising
Link to No More Panic- An excellent informational resource for anxiety related illness.
Link to "Boost Your Willpower"  
Link to Oxford Hypnotherapy 
Link to Science Daily- Hypnosis for Surgical Pain and Recovery 
Link to "Just Be Well" -Harley St London Clinic for Hypnotherapy and NLP
Link to BBC Smoking Increases Anxiety Article
Link to Su Ricks- New Stone Hypnotherapy -Northampton
Link to www.managing-depression-intelligently.com - Michael Yapko based site offering key information about depression. 
Link to www.richardmackenzie.co.uk- Practice in Witney Oxfordshire UK Using the latest techniques, Richard aims to help you set and achieve your goals and to enjoy life in full.
Link to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy UK
Link to Coloring Therapy-An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. 
Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music : Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem. www.enhancedhealing.com
Link to: The Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Centre. Offering important details on menopause and black cohosh, the latest menopause research, and hormone replacement therapy.
Link to: UK Charity based - OCD UK - A wonderful resource for sufferers of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Link to "Healthy Bristol" - Bristol based charity bringing complementary healthcare and mainstream medicine together.
Do you Panic? A Real Life Case Study In Recovery From Obsessive Panic at www.doyoupanic.co.uk. Given 5* by the 'Mental Health Foundation'
Link to MIND (for better mental health) free published booklet on the benefits of exercise on emotional wellbeing.
Link to "Nature Science Journal"- Brian Scan Research supports lasting changes created by suggestions under hypnosis.
Mirror Neurons - Brand New Scientific research explains why watching success inspires success!
Anxiety & Depression Solutions - A sufferers resource centre.
Essential Health - Holistic Health in Hawaii . http://community.webtv.net/essentialhealth/ESSENTIALHEALTH
Wind Down.....Dealing with stress and anxiety: www.winddown.co.uk/DealingwithStressCategory.html
 Alternative Healing Website : http://www.alternateheals.com
Hypnosis Directory - www.hypnosisdirectory.net
http://www.threeminutetherapy.com - An excellent self help CBT site.
WATERVOX Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy http://www.watervox.net - Oakland California
Love My Phobia  - www.love-my-phobia.com - A resource centre for phobia sufferers.
Relaxation for Living Institute - Founded in 1972, Relaxation for Living helps people who suffer from anxiety and mild depression and those who are affected by the stress in their lives.
Calm Clinic - U.S Based Resource Centre helping with anxiety and panic. 
Hypnotherapy Directory - Find a hypnotherapist near you - connecting you with professional support. 
United States - Mental Health Resources for Students.
Living with depression during pregnancy - A guide

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