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Free Relaxation Audio Recording

My one to one therapeutic practice has closed with effect from 31st January 2016. 

Before you go though....

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One simple way of tackling anxiety is simply to learn to relax more deeply and more often. When you quiet the mind, thoughts slow down, feelings are soothed and perspective returns. Here, for your use is a free relaxation recording available for immediate download with no strings attached!

 If you like your recording do be sure to visit the hypnosis page where you can choose from over 750 hypnosis recordings! 

Free Relaxation Session - Progressive Relaxation

Learning to relax properly can help you to stay positive! 

11 minutes 42 seconds - 8.03mb.

Important: This is a very standard recording designed to be used as a relaxation aid. It is about as gentle and "standard" a recording as one could hope to make. However, in a litigious world, it is important for me to cover myself. Therefore, in downloading this recording you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out here and understand that you accept full responsibility for all and any consequences of your use of this recording. If you are in any way unsure about using a relaxation aid, then do not use this recording. Also do not use this recording when driving. operating machinery, or undertaking any task that requires your concentration. It is a relaxation recording and you will therefore probably relax and may fall asleep!

Instructions for use:

Download your free progressive relaxation recording here.

RIGHT click the link above. If you LEFT click, your PC will think you are trying to "stream" the recording (i.e listen to it once) and you will need to close the window and re-open it to resume downloading. 

Go to "Save Target As", You will see the following box. Choose where you want to save your recording and then press "save" and your recording will download to your chosen destination. Simply play the file using your chosen media player. You can also transfer these recordings to an ipod/mp3 player.

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