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Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website

We really don't want to alarm you or put you off using our site with all these terms and conditions! My intent is to provide useful, helpful information. I sincerely expect your use of the site  to be hassle-free and a pleasure. However, it's a necessary measure in our modern World to make sure we fulfill our legal obligation to offer you the opportunity to be fully informed of all aspects of our contract when using our site or downloading our products/information. 

We also draw your attention specifically to the very important conditions of safe use of “Your” relaxation recording/s *(Sections 4 & 5 below).

Last updated 23/10/2016

1) Definitions

“You”, “Your” – The customer or user of this website.

“Us”, “We”, “Our” - Hypnotherapy for Life / Anxiety Specialist

“The Site” – “Our” website: Hypnotherapy for Life / Anxiety Specialist

“Products” – Any recording listened to, or downloaded, from Hypnotherapy for Life/ Anxiety Specialist AND Any information on “The Site”, (excluding third party products/information).

2) General

The Terms and Conditions set out here exist to represent legally, clearly, and faithfully, all aspects of the contract that “You” (The Customer/Website user) make with “Us” (Hypnotherapy for Life/Anxiety Specialist) when using this website. It is in plain English. This contract extends to and includes purchasing (or downloading) a recording from “Us” and the contract exists to protect the interests and rights of both parties. When “You” use “Our” website or purchase or download a recording from “Us” “You” create a legal contract that binds “You” and “Us” to the Terms and Conditions set out here. “We” believe that the Terms and Conditions are legal, reasonable and fair to both parties. “You” are required to read, understand, and “Agree” to these Terms and Conditions before purchasing or downloading “Your” recording (including any free "Products" offered). If “You” are unsure about any aspect of this contract please do feel free to contact “Us” on john@hypnotherapyforlife.co.uk before making a download. 

If “You” do not agree to the Terms and Conditions set out here “You” are respectfully asked to leave “The Site” immediately without downloading, listening to, reading, subscribing, or purchasing anything from “The Site”.

3) The Agreement.

By using this website and / or Hypnotherapy for Life “Products” and / or services “You” agree to the terms and conditions set out here in these “Terms and Conditions”.

“We” reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes “We” make will be active from the date that they are posted on this website shown by the “last updated” date shown at the top of this page. By using this website and/or “Our” “Products” and/or services “You” agree to be bound to the latest terms and conditions set out here in these Terms and Conditions.

Hypnotherapy for Life is a Company offering one to one hypnotherapy services as well as information and audio recordings to the general public for the intended purpose of self-development.  

4) Conditions of use of “Your” relaxation recording/s. *


Please make sure “You” have read and understood the following: -

At the beginning of each relaxation recording the following recorded statement is clearly made: -

“Hypnotherapy is designed to create deep relaxation. For this reason please do not use this recording when operating heavy machinery or when driving a vehicle”. 

By downloading “Your” recording “You” agree to use common sense when using “Your” relaxation recording. “You” agree not to use it in any situation where being in a deeply relaxed state, or asleep could be in any way dangerous, including when driving or when operating ANY  machinery or dangerous tools. “You” should use “Your” recordings only at a place and time where “You” can relax safely. It is possible to fall asleep whilst using these recordings. It is “Your” responsibility to follow these instructions. “We”cannot accept any responsibility, nor can “We” be held legally liable for any damage, or injury caused to person or property as a result of “Your” negligence in following these obvious and simple instructions. Please, use “Your” recording sensibly!

5) Further conditions of use - medical conditions.


“We” want “You” to use “Our” “Products” safely. If “You” suffer from any nervous or psychiatric condition, including, but not limited to, schizophrenia, psychosis, bi-polar disorder (manic depression), personality disorder/s, clinical depression or mental/emotional instability “You” agree not to use these “Products”. If “You” are in any doubt as to their suitability for “Your” use “You” agree to consult “Your” doctor before using the ““Products”” available on “The Site” to determine “Your” Doctors opinion on whether such “Products” are suitable for “Your” use. “You” also agree that “You” will not use the “Products” available here if “You” suffer with any medical condition including, but not limited to, epilepsy, use of a heart pace-maker, or if “You” are pregnant.

Though "We" would not expect these recordings to cause any discomfort whatsoever, "You" agree to discontinue use if you experience any discomfort, whether physical, mental, or emotional, when using this site or any "Products" available on this site.

6) Disclaimers

“The Site” is provided on an “as is” basis. “We” cannot guarantee that the “The Site” is suitable for “Your” needs or for use by “You”. “You” use “The Site” at “Your” own risk. The recordings and information offered on “The Site” are offered as “complementary” therapeutic tools. Information, content, and recordings available on or through “The Site” are NOT offered as medical treatment or diagnosis of a medical condition, and no such suggestion may be implied by "You" or "Us". If “You” are suffering from any medical condition or believe that “You” may need medical treatment “You” are advised to see “Your” Doctor or formal healthcare provider. By “Your” use of “The Site” or “Our” ““Products””, no medical, advisory, therapeutic, or professional relationship is implied or established between “You” and “Us”. Any information provided on “The Site” is for information purposes only and does not replace or amend “Your” Doctors advice. Any action you may take arising from “Your” use of “The Site”, its “Products”, or information contained herein is undertaken entirely at “Your” own risk, and discretion. Use of these “Products” or “The Site” does not guarantee a “cure” of any condition, and no such suggestion may be implied.

“The Site” and the ““Products”” contained within it have not been audited by any official bodies, either professional, regulatory, or governmental.  

7) General Liability

Nothing on this site may limit "Our" liability with regards to “Your” statutory rights in respect of death or personal injury as a result of negligence. Notwithstanding that fact, “Our” liability to “You” is otherwise limited to the cost of “Your” purchase/s from “Us”. “We” cannot be held liable for any damages relating to the use of “The Site”, including Content, Advertisements, Third Party Affiliates, Links, or “Products” sold through “The Site”.   

“You” also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hypnotherapy for Life (including partners, subsidiaries, and agents) from any claim arising from any third party User of these “Products”. Since “Our” contract is with “You” and technically “Our” Copyright stipulates that these recordings are for “Your” personal use only as the user or this site it is “Your” responsibility to ensure that third parties do not use these “Products”, and “You” agree not to, sell, re-sell, loan, lend, hire, lease or otherwise display or distribute “Our” “Products”.  

8) Partners, Links, and Affiliates

This website links to other web sites. Links are provided because they offer reciprocal links and affiliate programmes which improve “Our” internet presence, and sales. “We” accept no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties, recommendation or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites. This includes any “Products” “You” may buy from another company by using these links. Any purchases made via a partner or affiliate of this site remains a contract between “You” and that third party Company or individual and you agree to hold harmless Hypnotherapy for Life for any grievances, or damages that might arise from your interaction with those third party sites. 

9) Virus Disclaimer

At the point of sale “Our” “Products” and “The Site” are verified to the best of “Our” knowledge to be Computer Virus Free. “Our” “Products” are stored on a Virus Free Hacker Safe Server. However, interference by uninvited and unauthorised third parties (hackers) remains a remote possibility, and for this reason it is “Your” responsibility to ensure that “You” have adequate virus and firewall protection installed on “Your” computer when using this site and any “Products” from this site. We recommend that you virus check your recording before use. We have never had a problem in this area but we would obviously want to know if any of our recordings have been externally manipulated or attacked so please do email us immediately if any of our products show virus activity.

Hypnotherapy for Life cannot accept any liability for loss of data or damage to “Your” computer system (including peripheral components) which occurs as a result of using “The Site” or “Our” “Products” and “You” agree to use “The Site” and “Our” “Products” at “Your” own risk. 

10) Copyright

All material on “The Site”, including graphics, images, wording, recordings, website design, and articles remain the intellectual property and Copyright of Hypnotherapy for Life/ Anxiety Specialist except those images which have been rightfully purchased by "Us" from a third party supplier for use on "The Site" in accordance with the sellers contracts. All images used are used in accordance with the sellers instructions and may not be re-used by any other persons or Companies without first being purchased for use from the rightful owners of the images - the third party seller (not "Us").  

Unless expressly authorised by “Us”, “You” are not permitted to copy, change, download, amend, or publish any part of “The Site” either in part or in whole. If “You” wish “You” may link to “The Site” from another website, but unless “You” have “Our” express authorisation or are an affiliate partner appointed under agreement with “Us” “You” must not imply a formal business relationship with “Us”.  You may contact us for permission if you would like to use or reproduce any part of the site. We reserve the right to refuse.

10.1 Copyright - "YOUR" copyright

"We" have sincerely aimed to breach no copyright in this website. If you find any content in this site that you believe breaches "your" own, or anyone else's copyright, then it is by genuine oversight. Please do "us" the decency of refraining from litigious action and let "us" know about the material and "we" will gladly remove the content immediately. Thank you.   

11) Law

This agreement will be wholly governed by English Law. 

"You" agree also to abide by any restrictions your local laws may dictate in relation to using "The Site" or "Our" "Products".

“We” reserve the right to amend “Our” terms and conditions at any time. “You” agree to check the terms and conditions regularly for changes. “You” agree to be bound to the latest terms and conditions set out here in these Terms and Conditions

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