My one to one therapeutic practice has closed with effect from 31st January 2016. 

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Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis recordings are designed to help you achieve whatever you put your mind to through the use of what is known as "positive suggestion". A relaxed but focused mind is considered to be more "suggestible" than a stressed or busy mind for many reasons. When relaxed the body/mind organism feels "safe", and so it follows naturally that the incoming information is from a trusted source making it more "acceptable" to the unconscious mind.

Then, the language that is used to deliver the "suggestions" is very specific. The phraseology and delivery of the suggestions is engineered for minimum conscious mind resistance. All suggestions are positively phrased and the really clever ones are "embedded" so that they aren't even noticed consciously but do have the desired effect as they are absorbed into the unconscious mind! 

Does hypnosis really work? 

Absolutely. It is however very often misunderstood.  Hypnosis is a tool. Hypnosis is not a magical unexplained cure-all. In fact it's easily explained. Consider that you have a problem that you want to overcome. What happens if you do nothing? Nothing, right? What happens if you do something? Something, right? And where does that "doing" begin? In your consciousness right? So it's easy to see that the solution to your problem begins when you change what's going on between your earlobes, that is, in changing your mind. Hypnosis is a tool which can help you to focus mentally and emotionally, without distraction, on making that change. In the "quiet time" that hypnosis provides by creating a deeply relaxed state your mind can literally "absorb" the desired message and the natural outcome is that the change you've been hoping for begins to look like a pretty good idea to the unconscious mind. Since the unconscious mind is where change happens this is great news. It may be the first time you've really deeply considered and believed that success may actually be possible for you. That's what hypnosis really is. It is a state of deep imaginary involvement that helps you to absorb the success message relating to whatever you wish to change. You may wish to de-stress. You may wish to improve your sports performance. You may wish to become a calmer public speaker. Whatever it is that you wish to change or improve, that change begins with your consciousness. By using your hypnosis recordings repeatedly the positive suggestions contained within the recording are reinforced over and over again. When that message is something positive like "I am loveable" or "I can succeed in life" that's exactly what you want! I sincerely recommend giving hypnosis a try. It's a fantastic tool that really can help you to harness your positive mental attitude and overcome unconscious resistance.   

These are the top ten themes that people are using hypnosis for. If there's something you'd like to change or improve that's not in this list, simply use the search box below.  

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